New generation digital electrolarynges
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• IP54 shock-, water- and dust-resistant plastic body
• Fully configurable 2-button design for functionality and comfort
• Dedicated volume and tone control for each button
• 4 hours speaking time
• Fully digital
• Easy-to-see LED battery level indicator
• 2-year warranty




As the name suggests, Labex Comfort is all about simplicity, toughness and portability. Definitely on the lighter side of the electrolarynx spectrum, the Labex Comfort is small, convenient and easy to use.


As the Comfort is one of the smallest and lightest electrolarynx devices on the market, it’s amazing to know that the machine is made from super durable, shock-resistant IP54 plastic. This makes the Labex Comfort easy to carry around — ideal for laryngectomy patients who are constantly on-the-go, or who lead active lifestyles.

Weighing an impressively light 73 grams, the Labex Comfort truly is built with optimum portability and convenience in mind. It runs on standard 9-volt batteries, so we’ve included two 9v Li-Ion rechargeable batteries plus a smart charging station with every Labex Comfort you purchase.

Its two configurable buttons make it easy to control the pitch and switch between volumes, so you can seamlessly tailor your voice to suit every situation.

With Labex Comfort, you’ll always have your voice.